Daka90 Labs

Daka90 Labs

Established in 2014, Daka90 Labs is the 1st Israeli accelerator in the fields of Travel, Leisure & E-commerce fields.
Over the past 2 years, we reviewed over 150 Israeli start-ups in early stage (pre-seed or seed) as well as more established companies (round A or B).



SuperFly was established to enable management and recovery of lost rewards in multiple flight companies. Based on its unique technology, the company is currently expanding its activity to e-commerce big data analysis & insights.

With a vision to harness the power of consumer reviews to boost sales, Aspectiva's unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology automatically collects user-generated content and opinions, analyzing the texts producing decision making insights and recommendations for online shoppers.

A Patent Pending Booking Platform, based on a machine Learning Process to detect cheaper hotel deals. The Splitty algorithm detects rates Arbitrage and offers better prices for hotel bookings by enabling reservations split.

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If you have an early stage start-up in the travel, leisure or e-commerce fields and you are looking for the a leading organization to accelerate your business, please contact us - labs@daka90.co.il

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